Webrooming — Your Business Can Benefit From It

I got an interesting question recently from an interested business owner asking why he would need a website if he has a physical store and is not really into selling online.

Well, there’s this thing now called “webrooming,” which is a shopping process where the customer browses the seller’s website first and then buys it from their store later. It actually makes sense for specific businesses.

Take for example a clothing store, which coincidentally is one of the top stores where webrooming is very popular. Many of us want to make our own research first before buying clothes.  We want to know the price, sizing, comparison with similar products, real customer reviews, and product availability before making the final decision.

When a customer sees a particular product they’re looking for on your website and sees that it’s available, you already have a possible customer there. 

For many customers, though, some items just have to be checked and tried physically first before they purchase it. And if your website tells them that you have this particular product available at your store, guess where they’re going? Nowhere but your store!  And here’s what’s even better. You probably wouldn’t even need to do any more sales talk because your website already did most of your marketing work for you. How awesome is that?!

Now, as a business owner, how can you exponentially increase the likelihood of an interested person to check out your store and eventually buy your product?

Here are two tips for you:

1. Give them personalized coupons straight to their email.
2. Create Facebook ads using remarketing and targeted 

Not only did you double (even triple) their willingness to purchase from you, you also got their info (name, email, Facebook profile) for upsells and future promos. Yay! 

Do you still think having a website won’t add any value to your business? Let’s talk!